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09. January 2019 - News

SwissGlobal wins tenders

2018 was not only exciting and eventful for SwissGlobal, but also extremely successful on the tender front. As a result, we will be translating in different language combinations for the ... Read more


08. January 2019 - Corporate communication

Were your business holiday cards a hit or a flop this year? A cross-cultural approach is key!


As the new year begins, it’s a great time to contemplate the things that we did well last year, while also identifying what we could have done better. Most of us spent a good amount of time sending out (and reading) holiday business cards last month. Sending out corporate holiday cards is a wonderful opportunity to ...  Read more


17. December 2018 - Annual reports

Five tips for successfully translating and proofreading annual reports


Storytelling is all about generating knowledge, ‘filling in the gaps’ and enabling facts to be interpreted. This also applies when you are communicating to your investors, customers and employees. Annual reports are a form of corporate storytelling – offering you that rare opportunity to  ... Read more