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21/04/2020 - Quality

Swiss quality builds trust

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Whatever your views on globalisation, good quality is never a matter of opinion. Switzerland enjoys an outstanding reputation when it comes to solid skills, reliable service and mutual trust. In today’s globalised economy, it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Competition is stiff, and the pressure on prices is enormous. All companies and sectors are feeling the ... Read more


10/03/2020 - Corporate communication

Giving companies and brands a language of their own

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

People never stop developing their language skills throughout their lives. It's no different for companies and brands. Language adapts itself to age, time, circumstances, its target audience, communication goals, contexts, and the means of communication. You could say that language development is personality development. That’s why cultivating the right corporate and brand language is a strategic process when it comes to your reputation. You can leave this process up to chance. Or you can guide it skilfully with... Read more


25/02/2020 - Security & Confidentiality

The data rush of 2020 and how it is fuelling the translation industry

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

Back in 2006, partly in response to the revelation that information telecommunicated via the Internet had risen from 50% to 97% within the space of five years, the British mathematician Clive Humby claimed that ‘data is the new oil’. Now, almost a decade and a half removed from its original context, Humby’s claim is proving to be more prescient than ever. While some contend ... Read more


23/01/2020 - News

Partnership with CRO.SWISS

SwissGlobal is excited to start off 2020 with a new partnership. CRO.SWISS is Switzerlandˋs leading platform for Reputation Management and we are looking forward to having them as  a competent partner by our side. Founder Christof Küng is an expert in the areas of ... Read more


22/01/2020 - Translation

Why English isn’t always English – The US-UK divide

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

Have you ever felt that despite speaking the same language, you just couldn’t get your message across to your conversation partner? You might think that sharing a common language would guarantee flawless communication, but anyone who has ever learned English as a second language, in particular, would quickly ... Read more