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Who we are

SwissGlobal Language Services AG is a globally oriented Swiss provider offering full-service specialized multilingual communication solutions.

SwissGlobal Language Services AG was founded in 2016 by a group of professionals in response to a specific client need for a language service provider focusing on quality services and Swiss values such as innovation, security and confidentiality. Each member of the management team has an executive-level background in different fields – financial, operations, sales and marketing, IT and security – and they all share long-standing experience in the language services sector.

Matthias Trümpy, Chief Executive Officer

Matthias holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Zurich. He has over 25 years of international business and management experience in diverse roles, countries and sectors ranging from the cement industry to language services. After acting as Group CFO and CEO of a major international language services provider, he is now the proud co-founder and CEO of SwissGlobal. Matthias spends most of his leisure time with his large family. He is also an active sports enthusiast, enjoys reading newspapers, and has recently taken up playing the guitar.


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Mark Cheetham, Chief Operating Officer

Mark was born in Geneva and grew up trilingual in Basel. After studying economics, history and media studies, he decided to follow his true passion and started working in the language services industry in 2012. Mark is the co-founder of SwissGlobal, where he is in charge of operations. In his leisure time, he is an avid singer and is also a co-founder of the Männerstimmen Basel choir, where he helps to reinvent male choir literature and share it with a broader audience.


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Iris Strauss, Chief Sales & Marketing

Iris has a background in business management. Before joining SwissGlobal in January 2018, she held various management and project lead roles at a large Swiss bank, the telecommunications industry and at a leading language services provider. Her professional priority is customer needs. Her motto: Customer first. The customer should not only be happy, they should be impressed. In her free time Iris enjoys travelling to countries far from home and taking inspiration from other cultures. 


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Christine Kamer Diehl, Head of Quality Management 

Christine completed her studies in translation and interpretation (T&I) at the Zurich Interpreters' School in 1991. Ever since then, she has been active in the field of translation and quality assurance. Christine has been working as a quality manager since 2010 and is responsible for successful implementations and certifications to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100. She collaborates with T&I universities and institutions on a regular basis and draws on her well-founded knowledge and many years of practical experience to enrich the academic instruction.


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Marion Gubler, Head of Project Management

After graduating from the IUED at the ZHAW with a bachelor's degree, Marion went on to complete her Master's in Applied Linguistics with a specialisation in Professional Translation. Parallel to her studies, she began working and has been broadening her knowhow in the fields of language technology, project and service management, and the evaluation and implementation of innovative tools and technologies for the language industry ever since. Despite all of the technology, however, she never forgets the human aspect and is a valuable team player both at the office and on the volleyball court.


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Daniel Prontera, Linguist

After graduating from the University of Zurich with a degree in Business Administration in 2003, Daniel worked in the fields of accounting, taxation and payroll administration. His strong passion for languages and translation eventually led him to redirect his career. After receiving his bachelor's degree in Translation from the IUED at the ZHAW, he completed his studies with a master's degree in Applied Linguistics, specialising in Professional Translation. At SwissGlobal, Daniel draws upon his expertise in writing and translating in the fields of banking, finance, corporate communications and marketing. In his leisure time, he enjoys relaxing with a good novel or cooking specialties from Southern Italy, where his family originated.


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Eduard van Grunsven, Regional Director Western Switzerland/Benelux

Eduard heads the Geneva Branch of SwissGlobal and is responsible for acquiring new clients in western Switzerland and the Netherlands. A Dutch national living in Geneva for 10 years, Eduard has been active as an all-round manager in the translation and localization industry for several years. Before joining SwissGlobal, Eduard worked for various international banks and the United Nations. Outside work, Eduard likes to spend time with his children and friends and is a great aficionado of outdoor activities and sports. 


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