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Service levels

At SwissGlobal you can choose the right service level for each project, customized to your individual requirements, and with a strong focus on security, quality, technology and full service.

Our offering aims to meet all your corporate requirements. Why not find out more about our language services?

Contact us and we will assist you in finding the best solution for your project.


The following briefly outlines the main features of each service level:




Individually tailored


  • A prime solution for your individual multilingual communication needs
  • Highest security and confidentiality
  • All sensitive business-critical texts
  • Expert inhouse linguists
  • Customized corporate services
  • Dedicated project managers for high-level client care



Download a detailed overview of our service levels.


Right for your requirements


  • A classic service for all languages, text types and industries provided by our experts
  • Strict security and confidentiality
  • Specialist texts, all text types and industries
  • Industry expertise from our specialist freelancers
  • Full-service communications solutions
  • Pool of project managers for extended availability


Straightforward and easy


  • Fast, reliable and economical for your everyday texts
  • Lower security and confidentiality levels
  • Limited text types
  • Pool of professional native freelancers
  • Hassle-free ordering for everyday texts
  • Automated order process