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Editing services

A professionally edited text helps to make an already good text even better.

Professional editing can make an already good text even better. Our editing service guarantees:

  • linguistic native-speaker expertise
  • knowledge of the industry and its specific requirements
  • a sound understanding of different content types, target audiences and markets


We help you decide on the type of editing that is best for you, based on the purpose and type of text. The editing process then raises the quality of your multilingual content. Contact us to discuss your project.



Linguistic editing

Linguistic editing is the ideal way to improve an existing text, whether in the source or target language. Here we will:

  • provide an objective linguistic evaluation that considers the suitability of the language used to achieving a specific purpose
  • make sure your text is free from any linguistic errors
  • draw on the expertise of our native-language specialists, who know your requirements


A review focuses on the content of a text, with a thorough review by a domain specialist in the source or target language, or both. Here we will:

  • perform the review before or after the translation, or if you need additional editing for a different purpose, target audience or market
  • objectively evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of the content
  • draw on the expertise of our experienced professionals, who have an in-depth knowledge of your industry