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At SwissGlobal, you benefit from a cutting-edge Translation Management System (TMS) and the most advanced computer-aided translation (CAT) tools on the market. We aim to combine cost-efficiency with a high standard of security as part of a seamless workflow which enhances the quality of your translations and brings you genuine cost savings.

Translation Management System

Our enterprise-level TMS combines high levels of flexibility and efficiency with complex security requirements, making it possible to optimize all your production and business processes.

It includes:

  • automated planning, steering, and control of translations and business processes
  • an integrated client portal and flexible reporting features
  • powerful and flexible interfaces to leading CAT tools.


Benefit from a TMS that is certified to the ISO 17100:2015 global standard.

Contact us to learn more about the advantages of our TMS.

Computer-aided translation tools

A CAT tool is a database used to store segments of previously translated content.

Benefits of this include:

  • increasing consistency in corporate wording
  • accelerated document processing
  • efficient quality assurance.


Contact our specialist to discuss your requirements and to learn more about the CAT tools we deploy.

System integration through API

With our application programming interface (API), we are able to integrate various systems directly into our TMS to create customized workflows that save you time and money. We offer the following:

  • direct linkage of our systems to your CMS, DMS and/or PIM through our API
  • specifically configured file-folder monitoring functions, giving you a seamless process from order to delivery into the relevant file-folder
  • all process steps are logged and stored in accordance with general compliance standards.

Contact us to discuss your integration requirements.