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Security and confidentiality

At SwissGlobal security is key. When working with us, you can be sure that we will not only provide you with a professional service, but that every step of the way we will be compliant with all the applicable security and confidentiality standards, as set out in the relevant legislation and regulations.

Security features

At SwissGlobal we comply with all security-related laws and regulations and fully meet the individual requirements of security-sensitive clients.

  • All data are stored in Switzerland in an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified data center
  • We fulfill the stringent security requirements for Swiss banks.


In addition to ISO-certified IT management, we offer the latest technologies providing features such as secure mail-gateways, dedicated VPN connections and secure file transfers. Additional security measures are available and can be provided on request.


Download a detailed overview of our service levels to learn more about the security and confidentiality features.


Whatever the industry you operate in, confidentiality is crucial across all levels of your company. That means confidentiality is also essential at every stage of the translation process.

  • We offer a secure, professional service for highly confidential documents to be translated before publication
  • There is no risk of leaks
  • All of our language professionals and partners are subject to strict non-disclosure agreements