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Five tips for successfully translating and proofreading annual reports


Storytelling is all about generating knowledge, ‘filling in the gaps’ and enabling facts to be interpreted. This also applies when you are communicating to your investors, customers and employees. Annual reports are a form of corporate storytelling – offering you that rare opportunity to shape your company’s narrative and present facts and figures the way you want.


Finishing an annual report on time requires a lot of time and effort. Careful planning is therefore vital. You and your team must give your all to ensure the final publication looks good, is internally coherent and contains the correct figures. Here are five tips to ensure that your next annual report and translations thereof will be especially good.


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On my way to becoming a communications professional


I am Lavinia Tuena and I have been studying Applied Languages since 2016 at the ZHAW in Winterthur. I opted to do an internship in the fifth semester of my Bachelor’s degree because I wanted to gain first-hand knowledge of working as a translator and acquire hands-on experience in a linguistic environment. So, I worked as a translation intern for five months at SwissGlobal Language Services in Baden. Read more