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Proofreading & more




Know what you want to say but not exactly sure how? We can write your content for you! Thanks to their specialisations and industry know-how, our professional copywriters possess the skills required to convey content, messages and emotions with the desired effect. Whether it is an annual report, website, blog, study or technical article from the business, legal or medical sector, our text experts will strike the right chord.




Proofreading & more


A text’s formal aspect is the top priority for proofreading, a monolingual check. A mother-tongue proofreader examines your text systematically and thoroughly for errors in orthography, punctuation and grammar. Based on your instructions, the language professional will mark the errors and suggest how to correct them or will carry out any necessary corrections directly in the text.

Linguistic Editing

Linguistic editing includes not only correcting formal errors but also making stylistic improvements in the source and/or target text. After a careful evaluation, our langauge experts edit the text (where necessary) and give it a final spit and polish.


Linguistic editing includes not only correcting formal errors but also making stylistic improvements. An expert from your industry (e.g. doctor or a jurist) reviews the content and adapts it to match the intended purpose, target audience and market. A review is a monolingual examination of a text or translation.

Terminology, Alignment, Style Guides

  • Our professional terminology services support you in achieving consistent communication across all corporate levels. We cover all the bases from A to Z to develop, maintain, manage and apply your terminology database and ensure that your corporate terminology and/or wording is always used consistently. Upon request, we can create glossaries for your company or department that will increase the efficiency and consistency of your communication by employing your terminology.
  • Alignment refers to matching text segments with their translation as well as creating a translation memory (TM). This makes the translation process more efficient and reduces costs. We like to apply the principle of “pay for a translation once, but use it several times”.
  • Style guides ensure that all of your documents fulfil the criteria of your corporate identity and corporate branding. In addition, they speed up the translation process as they reduce the need for time-intensive explanations (preferences for punctuation, dates, figures, etc.). When creating documents, established guidelines contribute to a uniform use of language and a consistent image across all company divisions.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Our multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) is tied into the translation or localisation process and contributes significantly to achieving perfect results. The goal is for your text to make a lasting impression on your target audience thanks to its innovative design. To achieve this, we are happy to take care of all of the DTP.

Printing Proof / Good for Publication

This step includes the final check of a text before it is published, whether as a print or online version. Our experts look for formal irregularities, such as incorrect hyphenation, and eliminate any remaining errors in the text that might have slipped in during the layout process.

Transcreation, Native Content Creation

  • Creative, non-literal translations are sought after in the marketing sector in particular – yet they also represent a challenge. Our language experts in marketing are up to the task. They know how to translate emotions, not words.
  • Native content creation is when a message in the source language is created directly in the target country. This enables the cultural and idiomatic features of the country in question to be incorporated more intuitively.

Machine Translation

Machine translation is when a computer translates a text into another language. Modern machine translation systems use artificial intelligence (neuronal networks) to assist human translators – and even replace them in specific use cases. When appropriate, they offer an alternative for handling large volumes of repetitive text segments rapidly or for speeding up internal corporate communication.

Notarisation & Apostilles

Do you need a notarisation or apostille for your translations? The notarisation of a translation is not always easy. Thanks to our efficient procedures and professional network, we are able to handle this step for you quickly and reliably.


Interpreting is the oral translation of spoken text into another language. We also provide innovative RSI solutions (remote simultaneous interpreting) for your business conferences or other multilingual events. With this simple, ultra-modern technical solution, you can “turn on” your personal interpreter at any time and anywhere via an app.

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