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SwissGlobal offers language services that are tailored specifically to meet the requirements of companies with high quality standards. We combine linguistic excellence with a thorough understanding of your industry and also possess specific specialised knowledge for producing a variety of text types.

The public sector, non-profit associations, clubs and organisations (NGOs/NPOs), as well as national and international bodies have a strong need for communication. Our experienced language experts have specific industry experience and can help you to compile and translate all of the required text types – in more than just the four official languages of Switzerland! We will take care of your internal and external communication so that you can invest your energy in the things you are truly passionate about.

Public Sector

Our clients from the public sector rely on flawless multilingual communication. To achieve this, they require dependable service and accurate translations. Thanks to our cutting-edge security infrastructure, we can guarantee the strictest confidentiality for sensitive texts from state authorities. Our language experts pass through an exhaustive selection process, and we allow our clients to communicate directly with them upon request.


NGOs, NPOs and other supranational organisations

We support your organisation with professional language services for each area of your communication. Our industry and linguistic expertise covers a wide array of subjects in business and law, medicine and pharma, technology, science, politics and society. We can also assist your in-house language department or take over its operations entirely at your request.


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