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SwissGlobal offers language services that are tailored specifically to meet the requirements of companies with high quality standards. We combine linguistic excellence with a thorough understanding of your industry and also possess specific specialised knowledge for producing a variety of text types.

Due to increasingly tight regulation in particular, the translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts requires more profound industry knowledge than almost any other field in order to fulfil the sector’s strict legal and licensing regulations. Our professional linguists specialising in medical and pharma texts possess the corresponding education and expert knowledge to deliver texts with the desired level of quality.

Rely on the expert linguistic and in-depth specialist knowledge of our qualified linguists for the following documents:

  • regulatory documents
  • package inserts
  • clinical trials documentation - such as investigator brochures, informed consent forms
  • product specifications
  • medical records
  • articles for medical journals
  • medical studies and surveys
  • ... and many more



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