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SwissGlobal offers language services that are tailored specifically to meet the requirements of companies with high quality standards. We combine linguistic excellence with a thorough understanding of your industry and also possess specific specialised knowledge for producing a variety of text types.

A wide array of different text types are employed in corporate communications as well as in marketing and HR departments. Each text calls for specific knowledge and the necessary linguistic finesse. All of the texts must be fine-tuned to match their readership, and no translation should ever “sound” like a translation. When this is achieved, we have done our job and your objective has been met.

This expertise enables us to satisfy all your requirements in the following areas and more:

Corporate communications

  • annual reports
  • press releases
  • internal communication
  • external communication


Sales and marketing

  • marketing materials
  • sales aids
  • websites
  • factsheets
  • brochures & flyers
  • letters
  • presentations


Human Resources

  • guidelines
  • personnel regulations
  • employment agreements
  • employment references
  • job advertisment


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