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Information security and data protection are increasingly important – in particular when highly sensitive personal data (e.g. Client Identifying Data/CID) are involved. This calls for meticulous and efficient risk management along with the right IT measures.

We work with an established, ISO 27001-certified Swiss IT partner who hosts our data securely in Swiss data centres. This is the basis for our information security concept, which ensures the maximum protection for your data. Your data and documents do not leave Switzerland at any time. Our information security concept is based on the following cornerstones:



In order to optimally control access to your data, SwissGlobal works with Secured Workplace (SeWo), a secure working environment with personalised access rights and two-factor authentication. Furthermore, all internal and external employees also sign a strict confidentiality agreement.



Data must remain intact at all times. Changes must always be fully comprehensible, and unauthorised modifications must be prevented. This is possible at all times thanks to SeWo’s monitoring function.

Measures such as multiple backups and virus scanners, multilevel firewalls and encryption (on rest/on transit) ensure maximum information security.



Redundancy, i.e. multiple backups of all data in Swiss data centres operated by our ISO-certified IT partner, prevents system failures and guarantees business continuity for both you and us at all times.


Risk Management

On a strategic level, we identify, evaluate and monitor the relevant risks. Management routinely checks the implementation of the strategy and compliance with quality management processes (KPIs). On an operational level, our employees receive regular briefings and training. In addition, target agreements are set and evaluated using KPIs.



Clients may audit our data centre as well as our working environment (SeWo & offices) at any time. Upon request, we are also happy to design customised solutions with additional security features. 


Physical access controls, dedicated VPN connections and authorised, monitored interfaces are an integral part of our security concept. The security of your data is ensured during all process phases, and Swiss data protection regulations are complied with. We can guarantee these security standards because our IT and workflows are updated and improved on an ongoing basis.Our employees are regularly informed of security-relevant new developments during themed training sessions.



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