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We are happy to be a member of KMU SWISS, a business platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. Regular KMU SWISS events offer participants not only the opportunity to network, but also to benefit from the know-how shared in presentations and discussions. The platform is continually being expanded and comprises over 50 events per year already, including the KMU SWISS FORUM.

Zurich Airport Region


The Zurich Airport Region is the number one business location in Switzerland. The Zurich Airport Region – Economic Network & Location Development association is committed to fostering the strengths of this dynamic region for everyone's benefit. To accomplish this, the economic network connects more than 450 decision-makers from the world of business and politics and brings together over 300 companies, 10 cities and municipalities, as well as 12 associations under one umbrella. SwissGlobal is an active member of the Zurich Airport Region association, which enables it to make its presence felt in the region's largest economic network.


The EAMT (European Association for Machine Translation) is a Swiss non-profit organisation that has been supporting the ever-growing community of researchers, developers and users of machine translation since 1991. The EAMT is the European branch of the IAMT (International Association for Machine Translation). Together, they organise workshops and conferences on a regular basis. SwissGlobal is looking forward to an exciting and fruitful collaboration.

SwissGlobal has been a member of since July 2018. This national professional association for procurement and supply management has an extensive network in the business and scientific communities and provides its members with high-quality information and training. We look forward to a successful collaboration and exciting events.

swiss export

SwissGlobal became a member of swiss export in August 2018. The cross-sector business association has been championing Swiss companies engaged in foreign trade since 1973. swiss export provides its members with consulting services, a broad range of training opportunities and themed events in an effort to enhance its members' competitiveness and create better political and economic conditions.




Elia – the European Language Industry Association – was founded in 2005 and is the premier association of language service companies with a business focus on Europe. The mission of the association is to foster their members’ business success. Elia is committed to organising events and initiatives that are highly relevant, providing important benefits for the language industry as a whole. Our membership enables us to exchange ideas with other relevant language service providers on a regular basis and to remain up to date at all times in terms of technologies and developments within the entire European language industry.

Translation without Borders

Since May 2017, SwissGlobal has been a sponsor of Translators without Borders, because in crisis zones in particular, it is crucial to enable access to vital knowledge by means of successful communication. The independent non-profit organization active worldwide has been operating in crisis zones for more than 20 years and supports humanitarian aid organisations by providing translations. Day after day, more than 3,000 volunteer native-tongue translators and interpreters help overcome language barriers in order to save lives. In addition to linguistic know-how, it is intercultural understanding that plays a decisive role in the success of the translations.

British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

Since November 2017, SwissGlobal has been a member of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, an independent not-for-profit organisation with over 500 members in 8 chapters. For almost 100 years, the BSCC has been promoting bilateral business relations between Switzerland and the UK. The members, reaching from small start-ups to multinational companies from 12 different industries, benefit from the opportunity to establish business contacts with the relevant decision makers at more than 100 events per year. 


SwissGlobal is now a member of the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ)! This membership gives us access to a first-class network and allows us to exchange ideas with experts at association events in all the linguistic regions of Switzerland. We always keep up to date and can continually improve the quality of our services.

SAQ is the Swiss centre of expertise for quality management, personal certifications and business excellence. The international association has approximately 1,800 members (80 % companies) from all over Switzerland.


Would you like to learn more about our quality management? Find out how you can benefit from our ISO certified procedures by clicking here.